Since 1996

We're a top growing Image Editing Company

Looking to transform your boring photos into stunning ones? Look no further than First Clipping Path, the extraordinary image-editing company!

Since 1996

We're a top growing Image Editing Company

Looking to transform your boring photos into stunning ones? Look no further than First Clipping Path, the extraordinary image-editing company!

Our Top Notch Services

Introducing First Clipping Path, your one-stop shop for all things related to image editing. Let us assist you in improving your images and establishing your brand as a standout in the competitive digital space.

Clipping Path

We use a clipping path to create precise cutouts for seamless integration. It's a useful picture editing technique for separating objects from their surroundings.

Digital Deep Etching
Our technique involves using digital deep etching to precisely cut out subjects from their backgrounds.
Clipping Path with Photoshop
We use the powerful software, Photoshop, for our clipping path service to ensure the highest quality results.
Professional Photo Editors
Our team of professional photo editors are highly skilled in using Photoshop and other industry-leading software for clipping path.
Background Removal
Clipping path is an effective technique for background removal, providing precise and accurate results.

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Image Masking

Image masking is a strong photo editing technique for isolating complex subjects from their backgrounds. It is a necessary tool for producing high-quality photographs.

Layer Masking
Layer masking is a non-destructive technique in photo editing to hide or reveal specific parts of an image, creating a seamless composition.
Advanced Layer Masking
Advanced Layer masking is a powerful image editing technique used to create precise and complex cutouts for seamless integration
Hair Masking
Hair masking is a technique for separating hair strands from their surroundings, allowing for precise editing and natural-looking outcomes.
Translucent Masking
Translucent masking is a method for separating translucent or semi-transparent objects from their backgrounds.

Experience Image Masking Service for free with our trial.

Photo Retouching

First Clipping Path is a leading image editing company, we provide expert photo retouching services to enhance the quality of your images.

Image Retouching
First Clipping Path specializes in image retouching - enhancing the appearance of your photos through various editing techniques
Product Retouching
First Clipping Path offers professional product retouching services for stunning eCommerce product photos
Model Retouching
we provide model retouching services to enhance and refine images. Achieve stunning results with our expert team
Digital Mackup
Digital makeup is a revolutionary technique that enhances a person's appearance through advanced photo editing tools and techniques

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Jewelry Retouching

Sparkle and shine with Jewelry Image Editing. Our experts enhance every detail, ensuring your jewelry looks its best. Elevate your brand today!

Jewelry Image Retouching
First Clipping Path specializes in jewelry retouching - enhancing the appearance of your photos through various editing techniques
High-End Jewelry Editing
With the help of our top-notch editing services, you can turn your jewelry images into magnificent works of art. Improve your brand right now.
Jewelry Image Shadow Making
Make your jewelry photo more beautiful by using our skilled shadow creation services. Ideal for purposes related to e-commerce and advertising
Jewelry Photo Background Remove
Enhance the beauty of your jewelry with professional background removal services. Get stunning results in no time

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Ecommerce Image Editing

With a focus on e-commerce image editing, First Clipping Path offers professional services to improve your product photos. Let us assist you in presenting your goods in the best possible manner.

Product Image Editing
Transform your product image accurately and effectively. For your commercial needs, First Clipping Path provides image editing services.
Image Resizing
Need to resize your image files? For your demands, First Clipping Path provides expert picture resizing services.
Shadow Making
Introducing Shadow Making, the ideal method for giving your product photographs depth and dimension. Count on us for perfect outcomes.
Product Background Remove
Product background removal: removing the background from product images to create a clean, professional look.
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Color Correction

Color correction is an essential image editing process that enhances and adjusts the colors of a photo to achieve a desired look. It can make a significant difference in the final outcome of an image

Color Changing
Color changing is the process of altering the hue, saturation, and brightness of an image. It can transform a mundane photo into a vibrant work of art.
Color Matching
Color matching is the process of ensuring that the colors in an image accurately reflect reality. It's a crucial step in graphic design and photo editing
Lightroom Color Fixing
Explore how Lightroom can improve your photos with its color fixing tools. Adjust hues, saturation, and luminance to make your images stand out.
Levels and Curves Adjustment
Want to enhance your photos? Levels and curves adjustment are powerful tools for adjusting brightness, contrast, and color balanc.

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Packshot Retouching

Packshot retouching is the process of enhancing product images for Ecommerce. It involves cleaning up imperfections and improving visual appeal. First Clipping Path offers high-quality Packshot Retouching.

Product accuracy
Ensure the product image accurately represents the physical product, including shape, color, and texture
Image Clarity
Enhance the clarity and sharpness of the product image to showcase its details and features
Removal of imperfections
Remove any unwanted spots, scratches, or other imperfections that may detract from the product's appearance
Visual Appeal
Enhance the visual appeal of the pack shot to make it more attractive and appealing to potential customers
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Shadow Making

Elevate your brand's visual appeal and connect with your customers on a deeper level through the use of realistic shadows that evoke emotion and inspire engagement

Importance of Shadows
Shadows are an important aspect of product photography as they add depth and dimension to an image, making it look more realistic
Types of Shadows
There are various types of shadows, such as natural shadows, drop shadows, reflection shadows, and cast shadows
Techniques for Shadow Making
There are several techniques for creating shadows, including the use of gradient tools, layer masks, and blur filters
Importance of Professional Shadow Making
Professional shadow making can make a significant difference in the quality of product images and can help to increase sales and customer engagement.

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Ghost Mannequin

Elevate your product photography with the enchanting effect of a Ghost Mannequin. Create a realistic look that will captivate your audience and increase sales.

Creating a 3D effect
Ghost mannequin photography helps to create a 3D effect in product images, making them more visually appealing to customers
Better product visualization
By removing the mannequin from the image, customers can better visualize how the product will look on them
Showing product details
Ghost mannequin photography allows for clear visibility of product details, such as stitching, labels, and textures
Wrinkle Remove
First Clipping Path specializes in wrinkle remove. Its a great opportunity to grab our free trial for ghost mannequin and wrinkle remove.

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Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation service enhances and transforms images using advanced techniques to create stunning visuals. Perfect for marketing, branding, and more

Enhancing image quality
Perfect for ecommerce businesses, make your product stand out by removing unwanted elements, fixing lighting, and adding effects.
Removing unwanted objects from the photo
Remove unwanted objects from your photos and enhance their visual appeal with precision and ease using expert object removal techniques
Merging multiple images together
Combine multiple images into one seamless composition to tell a story or create a stunning visual
Adjusting brightness, contrast, and color
Fix and improve image quality by removing blemishes, enhancing skin tones, and correcting color balance
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See What We are Capable of

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