Professional Basic Clipping Path Service

Before we jump into the Basic Clipping Path Service details, you must know what this service entails. A clipping path is a procedure that removes unwanted backgrounds from an object and replaces them with a new ones. What type of clipping path is required for an image depends on the image type.

If you have an image that does not have many curves and any holes, a basic clipping path will work for it. However, for more complicated images, you can’t go for a basic clipping path.

We at First Clipping Path offer the best service within a reasonable price range. So, if you want to create perfect image backgrounds without breaking your wallet, you’ve come to the right place.

Basic Clipping Path Service

What To Expect From Basic Clipping Path Service?

The definition is not enough to know what you can expect when you choose the basic clipping path services from our company. We’ve created a list of image manipulation you can expect from us while choosing this service.

The Demand For Basic Clipping Path

This service is mostly used by e-commerce websites. To make their products more appealing to the customers, they use a basic clipping path service. Changing the background and replacing it with the desired color can be a game-changer for any product.

Besides, objects that don’t have any complicated curves or holes can be easily edited using this method. For instance, balls, plates, and rectangular products are very easy to edit with a basic clipping path when it comes to adjusting the background.

When website owners have bulk images that need changing their backgrounds, they outsource online clipping path services providers like us. It saves time and the result is more professional and clean.

This service also improves image quality with color correction. In addition, if the image has an unwanted object in it, the basic clipping path also removes it and makes it suitable for professional use.

These features have made the use of basic clipping paths a lot more popular. In addition, unlike other complicated services, the basic clipping path service is pretty cheap to purchase due to its simple procedure.

How Basic Clipping Path Is Done?

  • The first thing to do is to import the image you want to edit to Photoshop. You need a straightforward image with no curves and holes.
  • Find the pen tool from the editor and click on it. Then, outline the main image using the pen tool. To complete the outline, you have to click on the same point as your first and last one. Zoom in for precision.
  • You should see a path that resembles your image in the path palate.
  • Pressing ctrl + enter will select the path. And then you can proceed from there depending on your criteria.

Why Choose First Clipping Path?

If you are considering getting a basic clipping path service, we can give you the best offer there is. Why? Let’s take a look at some things you won’t find elsewhere.

Hassle-Free Service

We follow a very specific protocol for each service we provide. So, you will know from the beginning what process you are going through. We keep the procedure transparent for both us and our clients.

Quick Delivery

The standard delivery time we offer is quick. But you can also make it quicker by choosing our express service. You won’t have to wait for days for your images.

Reasonable Price

If your images require a basic clipping service, you can get the lowest price from us. Quality image manipulation along with cheap rates will certainly make us your first choice.

Free Trial

You can decide whether to choose our service or not by getting a free trial from us. This ensures that you know what you can expect from us.

As simple as the procedure sounds, the basic clipping path results in the best when done by a professional. When you have a lot of images, it can take weeks to complete them. So, why not leave it to us? You take care of your customers, and we will take care of your images.